Data Specialist

We are looking for a Data Specialist to join our data team. Converting “big, messy data to actionable insights” is our promise to our customers. Maintaining good quality data requires maintenance of crawlers – automated bots that browse the Internet to get the data.

The Position

As our Data Specialist, your responsibilities will consist mostly of configuring old and new crawlers: We collect data from the Internet using web crawlers. Most of the crawlers are collecting data using a site (or domain) specific set of rules. Those rules need to be regularly maintained to ensure that our customers receive high quality data.



To be successful in a Data Specialist position at Legentic, you will need a basic understanding of how the Internet works – that is, you should be familiar with the following:

  • Concepts of http requests/responses

  • Html markup language

  • CSS

  • Basic knowledge of OOP (object-oriented programming language especially java)

  • Familiarity with the Linux platform


What we offer

As our Data Specialist, you will have an interesting and challenging job. You will have a great opportunity to learn new skills and grow as an IT specialist, in a young, collaborative company culture. You will have colleagues in all across Europe and very soon the US too. 


Our techies are located in Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway and Cluj, Romania. This time we would prefer that the Data Specialist is based in either Helsinki or Cluj. A good cultural fit is the most important attribute for this role. Our virtual workplace enables a team member to employ a self-motivated, disciplined, highly responsive approach in achieving team success.


Apply now!

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